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About 15th Materials Science School for Young Scientists (KINKEN WAKATE 2018)

The KINKEN WAKATE 2018 will provide an opportunity to learn fundamentals of Nano Crystalline Soft Magnetic Materials and to exchange information on their own research among participants. We will have tutorial seminar given by well known scientists. We are also planning to have poster sessions from young researchers.

About Symposium of 30th Anniversary of Nano Crystalline Soft Magnetic Alloys (FINEMET 30)

The year 2018 is the 30th anniversary of the first paper that reports nanocrystalline soft magnetic alloys by Yoshizawa et. al., The alloy known as “FINEMET” is the first one memorized with the word of “Nano” in the metallurgy, and has affected to the following “nano-technology”. The paper (J.Appl.Phys.,64, 6044-6046 (1988))has been cited by 3500 times and the citation of the related paper by Herzer, where he explains the mechanism of magnetic softness by the random anisotropy model, also reaches more than 1500 citations. Those numbers strongly indicate how large impact the nanocrystalline soft magnetic alloys gave to the materials science field. The increasing demand of green technology such as high performance motors, the importance of soft magnetic materials is still growing. Further developments by young researchers are strongly expected. To learn "How those new ideas came out?" from the inventors of FINEMET, NANOPERM, and Nanogranular soft magnetic materials, brings new idea or strategy for making something "New" to the young researcher. We will have some slots for talks by attendees in the Anniversary session, too.



August 29-31, 2018


IMR, Tohoku University

Registration due

JULY 15 2018

Abstract due

AUGUST 15 2018

Hosted by

IMR, Tohoku University

Sposored by

International Collaboration Center (ICC-IMR)

Creation of Life Innovation Materials for Interdisciplinary and International Researcher Development